Automated AI-powered trading platform Ai-trade  has finally launched Futures trading

Ai-trade is a new kind of automated cryptocurrency trading platform that employs advanced AI to help new traders quickly acquire trading skills and to help experienced traders enhance their capabilities. The long-awaited launch represents a big leap forward for the trading technology segment.

Introduction to Ai-trade

Ai-trade was developed to empower traders to take advantage of the major developments that have occurred in the AI field over recent years. It is geared towards catering to a broad range of traders, from novices to seasoned professionals. Within the platform are extensive tools and features that can be customized to allow traders to fine-tune their strategies according to their unique profiles.

Ai-trade is the result of many years of research and development. The platform utilizes complex mathematical algorithms in order to process market data going back as far as 2019. The platform processes vast quantities of data to analyze market trends and to identify trading opportunities in real time.

Features and Benefits

The platform's innovative user interface is easy-to-use and provides traders with extensive customization options. Users simply Registered  and Log in to your  account and proceed to connect API with Exchanges   and customize the leverage, plus the amount you want to invest. The system (AI) will automatically analyze and decide on your stead whether to Buy (Long) Sell (Short) or sell short depending on the move up or down of the market. You have full control over your funds and see activities in real time.

The Benefits Of Using Algorithmic Trading

Ai-trade, a leading provider of AI-based trading tools.Is pleased to announce the launch of its latest range of AI Robots designed exclusively for the futures contract